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Puerto Galera Events

Windsurfing Competition - a February event full of fun filled racing delighting residents and visiting spectators who had come from all corners of the country.

Arts Month (February) - Miniature Diversification of Tourism Industry.

Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival (February) - Celebrates Music, arts and nature held outdoors in a natural amphitheater at the foot of Mount Malasimbo.

Summer Music Festival (Black Saturdays) - is an entire nighttime of live reggae harmony.

Summer Related Events at White Beach (April-June)

Birhen ng Puerto Galera, Ina ng Kalikasan Pilgrimage (April 29) - a religious activity, symbolizes the wealthiest of our Christian faith. The only Virgin Mary in the Province dedicated to the town's abundant nature.

De Galera Festival (May 10-12), street dancing, cultural show, beauty contest, singing contest, food fair, grand parade. These are some of exciting events lined up during this tourism celebration.

Fluvial Parade at Sea (May 13), witness the voyage of Our Lady of Fatima surrounded by countless elaborately designed bancas honoring Our Lady.

Sari-saring Huni, Sari-saring Kulay (May 13), a jamming event joined in by local and guest bands done within the tropical atmosphere of Puerto Galera bay.

Tourism Week (September)

Kaaldawan Iraya (Celebrated every 3rd week of October), highlights are culture and tradition of Mangyan Iraya, our local ethnic group.

Founding Day (December 7), Puerto Galera by Act of Congress no. 3415, became an independent town. Remarkable and symbolic events comprise the day's activities.

Makutitap at Dagitab Event (December 15), Highlighting Christmas spirit through celebration of lantern parade before simbang gabi.

Barangay Fiestas, inherited from Spanish time, each barangay celebrates their own feast day in honor of their respective patron saints. Showcasing Filipino hospitality, houses prepare foods and delicacies and welcomes visiting guest.

Bathub Regatta, a competition of constructing and building paddled boats with obscured shapes and colorful designs made from any available materials. The race is called "Bangka Hirit".



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